Reimagining Wellness and Healthcare  

We are driven by the exciting and unique goal of revitalizing, repurposing, and reimagining existing therapies to address unmet consumer and patient needs.

Who We Are

Vectura Fertin Pharma brings together Vectura’s expertise in inhalation and Fertin Pharma’s leadership in oral and intra-oral delivery systems to build upon products that exist today and make them better for consumers and patients tomorrow.

We will take proven, safe, and effective therapies, unlock their true potential through the application of new and existing consumer and patient-led delivery systems, and commercialize them through proprietary wellness and healthcare brands or in partnership with other pharmaceutical companies.

Our Key Categories


We will bring to market scientifically substantiated botanical and cannabinoid products that help people take well-being into their own hands in the areas of focus, sleep, energy, and calm.


We will develop and launch fast, effective treatments for cardiovascular emergencies, neurology, and chronic pain management - including medical cannabis - all of which can be delivered via innovative technologies.

ASPRIHALE® is a dry powder inhalation ASA (acetylsalicylic acid) system, which is designed to reduce the severity of heart attacks. By leveraging a self-administered aerosol and using inhalation as the form of medicine (compared with oral tablets), ASPRIHALE® has demonstrated the potential to accelerate the intended effect of ASA with unprecedented speed and so has the potential to minimize the risk of mortality.


Building upon decades of development expertise and experience, the company will continue to develop and grow an independent contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) business for inhaled, oral, and intra-oral products and delivery systems, providing consumer and patient-friendly formulations and devices for its customers.

Work With Us

Vectura Fertin Pharma’s ambition is to become a market-leading wellness and healthcare business. We are looking for people from varied backgrounds, with the talent and experience to join us in improving the quality of life for consumers and patients. Be part of our exciting future. 

Our Key People

Meet the senior scientists and leaders guiding Vectura Fertin Pharma.


Vectura and Fertin Pharma are wholly owned subsidiaries of Vectura Fertin Pharma, which is owned by Philip Morris International.